“The phrase Copies make an original more valuable fully applies to your first branch. Many places try to reach your level by using the name Sultanahmet Köftecisi but they just serve to reaffirm your position. The reason for this is of course the flavour and quality that you have established through many years of experience.
Here’s to many years to come. See you soon!”

Sinan Erkoc
Sinan ErkocSes Sanatçısı

“For years, even since our childhood, eating Köfte here has always given me pleasure, so I can never leave the Sultanahment neighborhood without having eaten here – even when I’m on a diet. Lots of love to all the workers and owners.”

Hakan Peker
Hakan PekerSinger

“I wish every establishment were as good as yours. But in that case, Turkey would be a contemporary country. I think that service and taste are Sultanahmet Köftecisi’s best friends. I wish you luck for many years to come with your beautiful presentation…”

Fatih Erkoc
Fatih ErkocSinger

“We also had the pleasure to eat at the famous Sultanahmet Köftecisi. I hope that we will come here many more times.”

Mazhar Alanson
Mazhar AlansonSinger

“Every time I am in the Sultanahment district this is a place that I simply must visit. It doesn’t compare to any other place… It is different and unique… Compliments to the chef. I wish you lots of success for the future. May you always be there. With love.”

Duygu Asena
Duygu AsenaAuthor, Journalist

“This is not an entry to say just anything. I have known this restaurant since my first years in Istanbul… No matter where I am in the city, I come here whenever I fancy Köfte. That has always been the case and it will continue to be so.”

Levent Kırca
Levent KırcaActor

“Turkish cuisine is certainly one of the representatives of the national culture of the Turkish people. Alongside the restaurants that have perished due to the trend of Lahmacun and Kebab, this establishment has remained the same over the years with the quality and beauty remaining constant. Since my first visit to this Köfte restaurant, I have eaten with the same pleasure and enjoyment. I hope that your success continues for many generations.”

Yıldırım Gürses
Yıldırım GürsesSinger

“Everything is so flavorful! Both the food and the friendship. This business is one of the most pleasant spots in Istanbul. It should always stay this way. With love.”

Ali Poyrazoğlu
Ali PoyrazoğluActor

Great support with fast and competent responses. Fantastically cute theme. Easy to use, nice layout. Each update improves the quality even more than expected.

Öztürk Serengil
Öztürk SerengilActor

“Even when I am already near Sultanahmet, I would always make an excuse to eat Köfte and Helva from you. My compliments to the chef, with love…”

Şener Şen
Şener ŞenActor

“We knew the reputation [of this restaurant] for years and wanted to try their Köfte. We were able to fulfill this longing today, and we have now realized the enjoyment we were missing out on all these years. I wish you lots of success and joy for the future.”

Rauf Denktaş
Rauf DenktaşFormer President of Turkish Cyprus

“After a long time, we have eaten our delicious Köfte with the Foreign Minister Mr. A. Gül, the Mayor of Istanbul Mr. M. Güler, Mr. C. Cerrah and other friends at Sultanahment Köftecisi. I wish the family that their decades of success continues the same in the future. With love and greetings…”

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Recep Tayyip ErdoğanPresident of Turkey

“The fame of Instanbul’s Sultanahmet Köftecisi has reached the entire world. For years, everyone has wanted to come and try the taste and Sultanahmet Köftecisi has also contributed lots to the representation of Istanbul. I hope that the tasty Köfte will continue to be successful for many years. Thank you to everyone whose effort has helped to preserve this institution for a lifetime. Compliments to the chefs!”

Bülent Arınç
Bülent ArınçFormer Turkish Minister


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